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Meet Your Thermographer

Sharon Cutler
Owner/Lead Imager

Sharon has always been passionate about women’s health and prevention, strongly believing that we should be informed consumers of our healthcare.

Thermal Imaging is another way she is able to promote wellness and prevention.

Sharon became certified as a Clinical Thermographer in 2004. 

Sharon graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Masters of Science in Education and Counseling. For more than twenty five years, she has been helping people improve and enjoy life. As a drug, youth, family and crisis counselor, she worked in clinics and homes offering assistance to those looking to improve their quality of life. Today she does the same as owner and Clinical Thermographer at Advanced Thermal Imaging. Her love for nurturing others is one reason why patients find lasting health and wellness at the practice.

Sharon is passionate about women being informed consumers with regard to their healthcare and wellness and very much believes that early prevention saves lives. If you don’t already have someone, following your thermal imaging report Sharon will help you find the best practitioner to meet your health and wellness goals.  After being in the Triangle for more that 10 years she developed a wide referral network.

When she’s not working or teaching, Sharon is actively involved in her community and donates her services to various charitable organizations.

Sharon relocated to the Triangle from New York in 2001, and now calls the Raleigh area home. She lives with her husband, Marc Cutler and sons, Noah and Max.

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